Author, Coach/Mentor Lucinda Cross Releases New Book! By M.S. Roopchand

When you meet people, there is usually a person or a very few individuals that will have an impact on you. Well there is one lady that I can almost guarantee that will have a profound impact on your life and will push you to be all that you already are.  You just have not revealed yourself to the world as of yet.

Lucinda Cross is her name and she is a Coach and mentor for women. Lucinda worked in Corporate America as a virtual assistant, but she always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She knew she was meant to do something greater with her life. Lucinda attended seminars for women that were nice but didn’t quite offer all of the things she was looking for. The seminars offered infinite resources with a hefty price tag, but with limited returns. She wanted to do something different.

So after the birth of her first child Lucinda decided that she would start her own business. Lucinda left corporate America and became the CEO and Founder of ‘Activate’. She wanted to inspire women through coaching and mentoring that was derived from her own personal experiences.

This motivational speaker/writer and mentor was blessed with being able to self-publish her first book in 2009 titled, “Corporate Mom Dropouts” which inspires women who want to work from home while still being able to be raise their children without the demands from the corporate world. Lucinda Cross has co-authored three other books and has released her second book in May of 2012 called “The Road to Redemption”. The book was listed as a “Best Seller” after its first week of publication.

I asked Lucinda what can women do to discover their passion? Her response was, “Write down all of your likes and incorporate it into your life, take your own advice. If you can encourage others, encourage yourself as well. Try out the things you like and see if the shoe fits! There is no right or wrong and ask your-self, what am I good at?”

I was curious to know what Lucinda Cross Vision is and she was more than glad to share it with my-self and for our readers.

“My Life Mission is to guide women to live happier, mentally free and abundant lives. To stand in their power of their story and their use their voice to change their portion of the world. My Global Vision is to impact 1 million women to change their mindset that they have about themselves. Position them to be thought leaders and change agents by showing them how to build their own platforms through speaking and writing.”



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